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Piano Wellness: How to Play Happiness Is a Butterfly

Playing “Happiness Is a Butterfly” on the piano is easy. The right-hand plays a melody while the left-hand plays arpeggiated chords. F minor, G major, B minor, and A major are the most common chord tones. Based on the lyrics, the song’s melody was created.

American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey’s song “Happiness Is a Butterfly” is about happiness. As the first single from her fifth studio album, Lust for Life, it was made available in 2017. The song is a solemn, melancholy ballad that bemoans how transient happiness is. It has a medium speed and is written in the key of F minor.

chord for the verse of “Happiness Is a Butterfly”:

Code snippet

F♯m | G | Bm | A

Here is the melody for the verse of “Happiness Is a Butterfly”:

Code snippet


(G) I try to catch it like every night

(Bm) But it escapes from my hands in time

(A) I swear I could have it one day

The chorus of “Happiness Is a Butterfly” is slightly more complex than the verse. It uses a different chord progression and a more intricate melody.

Code snippet

F♯m | G | Bm | A | F♯m | G | Bm | A |

 Here is the melody for the chorus.

Code snippet


(G) I try to catch it like every night

(Bm) But it escapes from my hands in time

(A) I swear I could have it one day

(F♯m) But it’s just out of reach

(G) I can’t seem to hold on

(Bm) It’s so fleeting

(A) It’s like a dream

The bridge of “Happiness Is a Butterfly” is a short instrumental section. It uses the same chords as the verse.

Tips for Playing on Piano

Here are some helpful hints for learning how to play the piano accompaniment to “Happiness Is a Butterfly”:

• Take it easy at first so you can learn the chords and melodies. You can pick up speed after you’ve adjusted to them.

  • Listen carefully to the shifts in tempo and volume. The verse volume should be reduced while the chorus volume is increased.
  • The melody should be played with the right hand, while the chords can be played with the left.
  • Play the music with your fingers interlaced.
  • Playing on the piano takes only a small amount of practice to master.

1. The Elusive Nature of Happiness

Happiness is fleeting, and the saying “happiness is a butterfly” is a beautiful reminder. A butterfly’s joy may be as brief as its existence. We need to be prepared to make the most of it while we still can in case it suddenly appears or disappears.

2. Embracing the Transient Beauty

Realizing that pleasure is not a static condition but a collection of good experiences is foundational to leading a pleasant life. The butterfly’s carefree flitting from blossom to flower symbolizes life’s many paths to fulfillment.

3. Patience and Acceptance: Lessons from the Butterfly

The butterfly can teach us that happiness is worth the wait and requires patience. In the same way that we can’t make a butterfly land on our outstretched palm, we also can’t hold on to joy. We must be receptive and patient, letting fate take its course.

4. Finding Joy in the Present Moment

Some people may use the proverb “Happiness is a butterfly” as a subtle reminder to focus on the bright side of things in their lives.

The beauty and wonder of nature are always brought home to us by the presence of butterflies.

Letting Go of Attachment: Cultivating Inner Peace

Taking a step back and finding calm is essential to everyone’s health. Too often, in pursuing security and contentment, we put too much weight on a single outcome or material asset.

Feelings of dependence and anxiety may accompany such closeness. To let go is to relinquish an attachment to make way for contentment inside oneself.

Those who can remain calm in adversity have learned to find happiness inside themselves. It helps us keep cool when faced with inevitable ups and downs.

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Happiness is a Butterfly

Navigating Life’s Experiences with Grace and Wellness

Remember that “wellness” refers to more than simply physical fitness. A person who can’t shrug off unavoidable disappointments isn’t healthy overall.

Inevitably, you will face difficulties, disappointments, and surprises in this life. The key to happiness is how we process and react to such events. We can better weather life’s inevitable storms if we train ourselves to be tough, flexible, and optimistic.

If we adopt the right frame of mind, we may find joy in any circumstance. It’s important for our development and health because it inspires us to take charge of our lives and learn from the highs and lows we encounter.

The aphorism advises us to give up our pursuit of pleasure and reduce our anxiety level. We can look within, where it truly belongs, and find some serenity. When we stop using the thoughts and behaviors of others to determine our level of satisfaction, we may find true and lasting happiness.


Last but not least, “Happiness Is a Butterfly” is a metaphor that reminds us to live in the present and value the fleeting nature of joy. It stresses the need to practice self-control, openness, and acceptance on the way to fulfillment.

Having this outlook aids us in weathering the inevitable storms of life, finding joy in the little things, and finding calm inside.


Q: Who is the original artist of “Doin’ Time”?

A: The original artist of “Doin’ Time” is Sublime.

Q: Is “Doin’ Time” by Sublime a cover?

A: No, “Doin’ Time” by Sublime is not a cover.

Q: Is there a sped-up version of “Doin’ Time”?

A: Yes, sped-up versions of “Doin’ Time” are available.

Q: Did Lana Del Rey cover the song “Doin’ Time” by Sublime?

A: Yes, Lana Del Rey covered the song “Doin’ Time” by Sublime.

Q: What does “L.B.C” mean in Lana Del Rey’s song?

A: “L.B.C” in Lana Del Rey’s song refers to Long Beach, California.

Q: What is Lana Del Rey’s Instagram account?

A: I’m sorry, but I don’t have access to real-time information as an AI model. Lana Del Rey’s Instagram account may change over time, so it’s best to search for it directly on the Instagram platform

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